Withering Blooms

Seattle, Washington

Stack6 Records

Tales from the Jaguar Lounge

Welcome to the Jaguar Lounge. A place of refuge for wayward souls. Where the floors are always dirty and drinks are always neat. A hideout for outsiders, an escape for prisoners of circumstance. Where stories are passed between strangers like long forgotten ballads and melodies drift like cigarette smoke through some intangible cosmic ether. Outside lies the harsh realities of day to day existence, but within these walls lies the momentary collective bliss of...The Jaguar Lounge.

Cast in Confusion

A fresh play on heartbreak clichés, Cast In Confusion rides the line between sincerity & satire, delivering an intense yet tender exposé on a life of mixed messages, emotional dilemmas, & metaphysical second guessings.


New Age Patriot and Rumination. Buy on BandCamp, or stream on Spotify